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My Implants Don’t Distinguish Between Realities

+300 XP
2 Hours50 Mins
This final module will look at the future of XR with a focus on technologies now in development that will be available in the near term, such as foveated rendering and ultra high resolution headset displays. We’ll also look at the future of Unity support for XR, and we’ll talk about the convergence of different branches of XR as technology allows products to be made that blur the distinctions.
Project Objective
  • Describe what advances are needed to allow all XR experiences to be delivered by a single device
  • Understand advanced concepts in XR like eye tracking and foveated rendering
  • Explain how haptics relates to XR experiences now, and what the future holds
  • Understand advanced locomotion research into ‘infinite rooms’
  • Understand advanced XR hardware like Light Field displays
  • List current and upcoming AR, VR and MR hardware with advanced features
  • Understand future possibilities in XR
  • Create a brief summary of research into a developing technology.
  • Apply research into a developing technology to an existing software product definition.
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Last updated: October 15, 2019