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Optimizing UI in Unity--Companion Tutorials (2019.2 i)

2 Hours40 Mins
These Companion Tutorials are related to the activities of this instructor-led Workshop. They will refresh your memory as you apply new skills to your own projects. Come back to these tutorials as a reference as you proceed through your learning journey with Unity.
Using workshop assets, or assets of your own, use these tutorials to explore the best practices for creating efficient and functional User Interfaces in Unity. In these tutorials, you’ll implement specific techniques to reduce overdraw and Canvas dirtying to create a well-architected User Interface in a production-ready format.
Project Objective
Using these tutorials, you will be able to:
  • Create sub-canvases of Static and Dynamic UI objects for optimized performance
  • Work with UI Layout Components to group objects for best performance
  • Create grouped UI objects using UI Panels and Layouts
  • Batch UI rendering to reduce wasted draw calls on overdraw
  • Identify best practices for Animation and VFX on UI elements to prevent Canvas dirtying
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Last updated: January 04, 2022
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