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Retargeting and Reusing Animation

+300 XP
2 Hours40 Mins
This project will take us through the process of reusing Animation Clips, both imported and custom. We will also review how to retarget imported animation clips on different biped, humanoid models.
One of the most powerful features of Mecanim is retargeting of humanoid animations. This means that with relative ease, you can apply the same set of animations to various character models. Keep in mind that retargeting is only possible for humanoid models, where an Avatar has been configured, because this gives us a correspondence between the models’ bone structure.
Continue on to learn about animation re-using and re-targeting, in the context of humanoid models.
Project Objective
  • Reuse custom animations.
  • Reuse imported animations.
  • Retarget imported animation on different humanoid models.