Swords and Shovels: Closing the Loop
3 Hours
Now that you've gone this far in the Swords and Shovels series of projects, it's time to close the loop on key pieces of the game to create a fun and engaging gaming experience! In this project, Swords and Shovels: Closing the Loop, you will gain the ability to use the systems you’ve learned in the earlier projects, and a few new ones. First, you will learn how to spawn mobs in waves of increasing difficulty. Next, you will discover how to level up your hero, and add feedback with sound and graphical exciters. Finally, you will explore how to make use of the inventory system with drops and pickup, and close the game loop. When you’re finished with this project, you will have new approaches and techniques you can use in all of your game development adventures.
  • Scripting Spawners
  • Scripting Progression System
  • Scripting Stats System
  • Creating Player Feedback in the form of UI and Audio
  • Learn how to make Session Data Persist
Topics we'll cover