Swords and Shovels: Game Managers, Loaders, and the Game Loop
2 Hours20 Mins
Games are complicated systems with lots of moving parts and interconnected components. In this learning project, you will learn how to implement tools to manage these complications as you build larger projects.
First, you will learn about Game Managers, their purpose, and how they can improve the flow and development process of a game. Next, you will explore how to load and unload additional Assets as a game progresses. Finally, you will discover how to manage game state and use it to control sub-systems in an organized manner.
When you're finished with this project, you'll have the skills and knowledge necessary to build games of substantial size and complexity.
By the end of this project, you will be able to:
  • Write increasingly complex C# scripts
  • Understand and use Singletons
  • Understand and use State Machines
Topics we'll cover