Team Ball Game Mods
This Beginner Template project gives you a starting point to build a 3D arena soccer game (or football, if you wish). Check out the Creative Mods for this template to build on the project and make it more your own, while learning the basics of Unity development.
Put Yourself in the Game
Team Ball Game Mod: Billboard Face
Add yourself into the game on a billboard!
Team Ball Game Mod: Name the Game
Make it your game by customizing the Splash Screen!
Mod the Look
Team Ball Game Mod: A Splash of Color
Customize the game arena by coloring in the world!
Team Ball Game Mod: Add Trails
Let's customize your Ball by adding an additional Trail Renderer!
Team Ball Game Mod: Sepia Back in Time
Let's adjust the image effects on the game to give it an entirely different feel.
Trick Out the World
Team Ball Game Mod: Add Hats
Let's customize your team’s player characters by adding Hats!
Team Ball Game Mod: Bouncy Sparkly!
Let’s add some special effects that play when the ball bounces!
Share with Friends
Team Ball Game Mod: Share Your Game on the Web
Share the fun! Follow these steps to generate a link that you can share with friends and family so they can play your game (for free) on desktop.