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Week 1: Getting Started With Teaching Unity

3 Hours55 Mins
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In the first week of the course, you will:
Unity in Context
Explore the Unity ecosystem and discover why Unity is such a powerful tool for teaching and learning across a wide variety of subject areas and disciplines.
Creating with Unity
Complete a simple karting microgame to orient you with the basic principles of real-time 3D design and the Unity interface.
Facilitating Unity
Develop your understanding of best practices for teaching Unity, including the importance of championing diversity and inclusion, co-learning and approaches to curriculum design.
Planning Lab
Reflect on your learning from the week and work through the first few steps of your Teaching Plan in the Unity Course Book.
Learn Unity Live
Attend your first live class which will support your journey through the week’s content and offer demonstrations of the microgame project. Live session held on July 14, at 9am PT and 5pm PT. Session content is repeated. Register for session access at:
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Last updated: July 22, 2020
Topics we'll cover
Week 1: Getting Started With Teaching Unity