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Unit 4: Continuous Learning with Unity

+300 XP
4 Hours
In this unit you will:
Unity in Context
Learn about the need for developing student soft skill sets for the modern workplace, and consider the role of soft skills and independent learning behaviors.
Creating with Unity
Learn techniques and functions in Unity to further develop your 3D Personal Gallery Project, adding a 3D model, mesh colliders and audio.
Facilitating Unity
Learn how to set realistic Unity teaching goals for yourself and your students, how to track student progress and offer meaningful feedback and assessment.
Planning Lab
Reflect on your learning from the unit and work through the next few steps of your Teaching Plan in the Unity Course Book.
Project Objective
Implement your project plan
Finalize your Unity project
  • Introduce code
  • Add a proximity trigger
  • Save and export your project for the web
Submit your personal project
Submit your learning plan
Reflect on your learning
Select your Unity version
Last updated: October 26, 2021