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Visual fidelity with High Definition Render Pipeline

+300 XP
1 Hour55 Mins
In this project, you will explore the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and learn how to manipulate lighting tools to help you create high-quality visuals. This project follows-on from the lessons learned in Up and Running with HDRP and focuses on enhancing visuals using lighting techniques, including using light probes, reflection probes, and light baking.
Project Objective
Throughout the project, you will learn how to:
  • Configure lighting settings to best suit their scene
  • Interpret the HD Render Pipeline Wizard to help configure their Unity Project so that it is compatible with HDRP.
  • Perform checks and apply corrections to common errors that reflect what learners might face when converting their projects/working with HDRP.
  • Understand conceptual and performance differences between real-time, baked, and mixed lighting (direct and indirect light)
  • Using the lightmap debug mode when scaling lightmap UVs to increase details on close-up objects.
  • Baking lighting in the scene (i.e. by applying Contribute GI settings and how to disable for objects).
  • Recap on configuring the HDRP lighting settings in the Lighting component. i.e. Add lights in a Scene and configure HDRP settings, such as shadows and shape.
  • Apply and configure light probes for dynamic objects to receive emissive light.
  • Add light probes in area close to emissive light
  • Iterate on settings based on effects when dynamic objects are in vicinity
  • Add reflection probes to a scene to produce accurate reflections
  • Understand the different options for reflections in HDRP and how they affect performance.
  • Add a reflection probe to the scene
  • Position and size the probe appropriately to provide reflections on appropriate surfaces/objects
  • Modify material reflectivity to enhance/customize effect
  • Add a decal projector to a scene
  • Add the Decal Projector
  • Create a New HDRP Decal Material
  • Assign the HDRP Decal Material to the Decal Projector GameObject
  • Position, Aim, and Scale the Decal Projector
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