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Working with Lighting in Unity

4 Hours35 Mins
The users will illuminate a scene using each type of real time light (Directional, Point, Spotlight), simulate lighting coming in from windows with Area Lights, and bake the lighting to optimize the scene. Users will explore and modify these lights using the Light Explorer window as well.
Project Objective
Learners will be able to:
  1. Use each of the basic realtime light types in the scene: Directional, Point, Spotlight
  2. Optimize their scene with light baking
  3. Design the environments using Area Lights
  4. Use lighting to modify scene moods by modifying intensity and color values.
  5. Make lighting design decisions when brainstorming environment design concepts.
  6. Manage scene lighting using the Light Explorer.
  7. Using lighting settings to modify the number of pixel lights.
  8. Design environment moods using lights.