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Quiz 3

15 Mins
10 Questions
Answer 1/0 correctly to pass
This quiz will assess your knowledge of the skills and concepts learned in Unit 3.
This quiz will assess your ability to:
  • Tweak the gravity of your project with Physics.gravity and use ForceModes to apply forces in different ways
  • Utilize new operators like “&&” and bool variables to better control game logic
  • Freeze or constrain the RigidBody component to halt movement on certain axes
  • Use tags to label game objects and call them in the code
  • Use script communication to access the methods and variables of other scripts
  • Manage animation states in the Animator Controller, including adjusting the states’ parameters and default state
  • Use SetTrigger, SetBool, and SetInt methods to trigger transitions between animation states
  • Stop and play particle effects to correspond with character animation states
  • Work with Audio Sources and Listeners to play background music
  • Add sound effects to add polish to your project

correct answers needed to pass
retake allowed after
0 Hours