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04: Artificial Intelligence
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AI has been a topic for years, but some incredible product launches tied to AI have brought it heavily into the forefront. This week we are joined by Joel Sadler and Michael Running Wolf who have been working with AI for years to gain an understanding of what this could mean for our technological futures. ​Dr. Joel Sadler, is an educator at Stanford University, serial entrepreneur, and XR + AI technology expert. As adjunct faculty at Stanford he teaches STEAM courses exploring how virtual and augmented reality VR and AI can empower the next generation of creative learners. His research at MIT/Stanford has ranged from wearable prosthetics to educational toys. He is a co-founder of several award winning technology companies including Piper Learning and PatchXR, that pioneer learning skills through AI guidance and virtual play. He holds ME/CS degrees from MIT/Stanford and has published widely on the themes of creative computing, and making technology more accessible for all. ​Michael Running Wolf: Michael was raised in a rural village in Montana with intermittent water and electricity with grandparents who only spoke their tribal languages, Cheyenne and Lakota. These languages like many other indigenous languages are near extinction. It is through this lens, combined with his Masters of Science in Computer Science and professional experiences with Amazon, IBM, AT&T Wireless and Lawrence Livermore National Lab that he found his true passion: endangered indigenous language revitalization using XR technology.
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