2D Platformer Mod: Paint Your Level
10 Mins
Let’s customize our level by painting on the Tilemap!
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2D Platformer Mod: Paint Your Level
Paint Your Level
Let’s customize your level by painting on the Tilemap!
Before you get started with this mod, make sure that you have installed the Getting Started Asset Pack from the Unity Asset Store. Detailed instructions here. Got it? Let's do this.
Our level is made of several Tilemaps. We can paint and edit these layers to create levels.
1. Open the Tile Palette Window by going to Window > 2D > Tile Palette

2. In the Tile Palette window, hold Alt while clicking and dragging in the palette to scroll around. Zoom in and out of the Tilemap Palette by scrolling the mouse wheel.
3. Find the platforms and the clouds in the Tile Palette by scrolling around the palette.
4. Select the Paintbrush tool in the Tile Palette toolbar.
5. Select “Level” in the Active Tilemap dropdown menu.
6. Click on a block in the Tilemap Palette to select it for painting.
7. Return to the Scene window. Click and drag in the Scene view to start painting the selected block.
8. To erase blocks, select the Eraser tool.
9. With the Eraser tool selected, click on a block in the Scene view to erase it. It will only erase Tiles that are on the currently selected Active Tilemap.
10. Enter Play Mode and test your new level!

Extra Credit
Stretch your Unity skills with these additional mini-challenges.
  • Change up the entire level to your own design. Add enemies, tokens, and more platforms to your custom level. Test your creation with friends!

Deeper Learning
Go deeper in your exploration of the techniques used in this mod.
In this mod, you "painted" a level of your 2D Platform game using Unity's Tilemap system. This system was designed to help creators easily build tile-based 2D games and levels.
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Join & Share
Join your allies on Connect to share your work and experiences.
Have you joined the 2D Platformer Creators Group on Unity Connect yet? If not, check it out. It's a good place to turn if you get stuck on any part of these mods, or to share your work with other Unity creators. Unity experts will also be checking in on this group to provide help and inspiration.