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What is Motion?
What is "time": Time is motion over space. A mechanical clock uses the motion of a spring, releasing energy to push a dial through space. When that dial passes a certain marker, we say a second or minute has gone by.
What is "space": Space is motion over time. For example a "light-year" describes the volume of space that light travels in one year. What is a meter? A meter is a distance light travels in about 3 nanoseconds.
What is "motion": Motion is space over time. If in one second I can move one meter, then my motion is described as "1 meter per second". I have traveled that much space (the meter) in that much time (a second). People say nothing can move through space faster than light, which travels 186,000 miles per second.
Mind Bender! Quantum physics creates models of the universe that describes a particle called a quark, which may move faster than the speed of light, so fast that it's "instant". Meaning, the quarks can move from one place to another in zero seconds. Human brains are designed to live in three dimensions of space, plus the fourth dimensions of time. So it's pretty hard for us to understand how this can work. Computers, on the other hand, can model as many dimensions as we want. So we use them to help us figure out these hard ideas.
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Behaviors Part 3 - Ready Maker