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Recorded Live Sessions - Build Your First FPS Game Series

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3 Hours50 Mins
Watch the recordings of the live sessions where a Unity Certified Instructor led learners through a series of mini-challenges to develop a common game type: First Person Shooter (FPS). “First person shooter” refers to any game in which projectiles generate from an object. The FPS Creator Kit magically miniaturized you, the doctor, into a tiny sickness-fighting force of good. Your mission: to travel through your patient’s body, destroying evil germs wherever you find them. This project requires no coding experience. Throughout this Learn Live series you will learn to:
  • Design their own first person shooter game by assigning behaviors and attributes to provided free assets
  • Create their own custom levels using the provided creative tools
  • Gain experience with a common game-play style, first person shooter
  • Assign effects to game objects of all kinds to cause reactions when projectiles hit
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Last updated: January 15, 2021
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Recorded Live Sessions - Build Your First FPS Game Series