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Challenge 3 - Creating Balloons, Bombs, & Booleans

+10 XP
1 Hour
Challenge Overview:
Apply your knowledge of physics, scrolling backgrounds, and special effects to a balloon floating through town, picking up tokens while avoiding explosives. You will have to do a lot of troubleshooting in this project because it is riddled with errors. You will continue practicing and refining your bug reporting skills.
Challenge Outcome:
  • The balloon floats upwards as the player holds spacebar
  • The background seamlessly repeats, simulating the balloon’s movement
  • Bombs and Money tokens are spawned randomly on a timer
  • When you collide with the Money, there’s a particle and sound effect
  • When you collide with the Bomb, there’s an explosion and the background stops
  • Detailed and coherent bug report
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Last updated: July 16, 2020
Challenge 3 - Creating Balloons, Bombs, & Booleans