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Challenge - Basketball and the Hierarchy

+10 XP
1 Hour
For Educators
Challenge Overview:
Use the skills you’ve learned in the previous two lessons to score on a basketball hoop. After you’ve scored, you will have to use the hierarchy and inspector windows to manipulate the way your catapult works. When you’ve found out how to make changes to your catapult, try the Free Play activities again using different catapult settings. When you’ve finished working with the catapult settings, look at the code that calculates the values you see inside the simulation.
Challenge Outcome:
  • Catapult will throw a cannonball through a basketball hoop
  • Catapult settings and characteristics will be manipulated
  • Editor code will be investigated
Challenge Objectives:
In this challenge, you will reinforce the following skills/concepts:
  • Using mass and force sliders to send a cannonball to a specific location
  • Use the hierarchy menu to select elements of your catapult
  • Adjust the launch settings of your catapult using the inspector window in Unity
  • Complete the Free Play activities without the use of the force and mass sliders
  • Adjust the project settings and investigate the effect of your changes in the Free Play activities
  • Look at the code that allows the physics editor to make calculations
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Last updated: February 02, 2024
Challenge - Basketball and the Hierarchy