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Challenge: Labeling Objects with Text and Images (Intro to UI)
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This Challenge Lab will be the first part of assembling your object labeling system. Similar to the Sandbox, you will, you will make multiple labels to provide information on the Mars Rover parts, and then connect these labels to the model with lines.
Accurately labeling equipment parts is essential for effective informational delivery. In this project’s case, we can see each rover label, which helps us identify which part to focus.
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Challenge: Labeling Objects with Text and Images (Intro to UI)
Streaming Lab
This tutorial contains a Streaming Lab
The Streaming Lab takes 2-5 minutes to load. Launch the Lab to load it in a new tab, and return to continue this tutorial. When you get to the Streaming Lab step, your Lab should be ready. Note that you have 15 minutes to return to your Lab before you have to reload it.
Streaming Labs are currently in Beta and optimized for North American usage.