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Constrain and Parent the Controllers - Part 2

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With our controllers all in place, we are ready to attach them to the skeleton. In this tutorial, we'll be doing just that by using the parent constraint to bind all our controllers to their proper joint. To get some unique functionality in our rig, we'll be adding IKs to the arms and legs, as well as using pole vector constraints to control the elbows and knees. Because we are using IKs for the arms, we'll need to constrain the controller in a special way to get movement and rotation like we want. The foot is a similar situation, but we'll be using a different method so we're prepared to create our inverse foot roll later on. We also want control over the eyeballs, so we'll need a new set of controllers and aim constraints to get that movement. Later on, we'll be adding scale functionality to the rig. So we'll group our rig and use our global controller to control its scale with a scale constraint. Once we finish up with our constraints, we'll be modifying the skeleton one last time to allow for root motion functionality. Finally, we can connect all our controllers together with physical parents, so that the rig moves the way that we'd expect.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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Constrain and Parent the Controllers - Part 2