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Project Overview - Game Mechanic Design Fundamentals

5 Mins
In this project, Game Mechanics Fundamentals, you're going to learn how to approach your game design document, which you should've already built, and you're going to flesh out the gameplay because we think that that's the most important part of any game is how your player is going to experience your game. Now this is a conversational type of course where we're going to talk through how we developed Swords and Shovels and how we approached the gameplay itself. And so hopefully by the end of this, you will have learned how to approach your own gameplay, some ideas on what you should think about during that process, how to document it, and how to communicate effectively to your team members to get exactly what's in your head onto the screen.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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Project Overview - Game Mechanic Design Fundamentals