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Project Overview - Retopologizing Game Characters in Maya

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Now once you've designed your game character and created a highly-detailed, sculpted model, there's still one more step that needs to be done. After all, game hardware won't do well trying to move your multi-million polygon model around the screen. This is where the retopology process comes in. In this project, we'll take a sculpted mesh and use Maya to create a lower-resolution, game-appropriate mesh that will look like our design. We'll start by covering the basics of getting a reference model created that we can use in Maya. We'll also look at options for reusing pieces at lower subdivision levels. Inside Maya, we'll use several polygon modeling tools to edit our base geometry to better reflect the shapes and silhouettes of our reference model. We'll also spend a great deal of time using Quad Draw in Maya to create new topology for our character, completely from scratch. We'll finish up by learning to export our game mesh directly to Unity.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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Project Overview - Retopologizing Game Characters in Maya