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Project Overview - Texturing Game Characters in Substance Painter

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This project will dive into the process of painting textures for a multi-material game character that is bound for the Unity game engine using Substance Painter. We'll walk through this process step by step until every piece has been painted. Along the way, you can expect to learn things like how to set up a project with your game mesh, and bake all of the supporting maps in Substance Painter, how to create textures using a non-destructive layer-based workflow, how to take one of the smart materials in Substance Painter and customize it to fit your own creative vision, and how to use features like filters and generators as tools in your workflow to help unlock your creative potential. By the end of this project, you'll have a good understanding of the process for texturing game characters in Substance Painter.
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Project Overview - Texturing Game Characters in Substance Painter