Creating Objects

30 Mins
Your progress
You will create a new GameObject  that allows the player to destroy obstacles
Tutorial Outcome
By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to
  • Add a (trigger) Capsule Collider 2D to keep track of when objects touch or intersect
  • Add a Bullet attribute script to keep track of points
  • Create a prefab
  • Create an empty GameObject
  • Add the Object Shooter script
  • Insert a Prefab as a Prefab to Spawn for the Object Shooter script  
Key concepts:
  • Capsule Collider 2D
  • Trigger Colliders
  • Bullet Attribute script
  • Prefab
  • Object Shooter script
Challenge Ideas:
  • What would happen if the laser was not turned into a Prefab? Would the lasers still work in the same way? Why or not?
  • What would happen if the player could gain points for destroying asteroids? How would it change the way the game ends?
Recommended Unity versions
2017.4 and Above
Creating Objects