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Creating Objects

30 Mins
Your progress
You will create a new GameObject  that allows the player to destroy obstacles
Tutorial Outcome
By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to
  • Add a (trigger) Capsule Collider 2D to keep track of when objects touch or intersect
  • Add a Bullet attribute script to keep track of points
  • Create a prefab
  • Create an empty GameObject
  • Add the Object Shooter script
  • Insert a Prefab as a Prefab to Spawn for the Object Shooter script  
Key concepts:
  • Capsule Collider 2D
  • Trigger Colliders
  • Bullet Attribute script
  • Prefab
  • Object Shooter script
Challenge Ideas:
  • What would happen if the laser was not turned into a Prefab? Would the lasers still work in the same way? Why or not?
  • What would happen if the player could gain points for destroying asteroids? How would it change the way the game ends?
Recommended Unity versions
2017.4 and Above
Topics we'll cover
Creating Objects