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Free-to-play revenue tactics

20 Mins
Tutorial Materials
In the previous tutorial: Deeper Dive into Monetization you identified the impact of monetization on player experience, types of monetization, considered the relationship between monetization and game design, explored a successful case study and reflected on when to start adding monetization to your game.
In this tutorial you’ll be exploring "Free-to-play" tactics. “Free-to-play” comes from what is commonly referred to as “Freemium” in business. It basically means offering a product or a service free of charge at a very basic level.
Monetization comes in when extra functions and services are offered to enhance the product and/or user experience. You will now compare different types of monetization tactics in more depth so you can pick the best one(s) for your game.
In this tutorial you'll:
  • Compare different types of advertising
  • Compare three types of IAPs
  • Explore how to combine and balance ads and IAPs
  • Measure the success of your monetization efforts
  • Reflect on how ads and IAP can interfere with retention numbers
Recommended Unity versions
2018.3 - 2019.3
Free-to-play revenue tactics
Free-to-play revenue tactics