Intro to Unity by Ready Maker : Make your “Space Chicken” Game
2 Hours
Welcome to Intro to Unity by Ready, the second easiest game design course you’ll ever take! Now that you’ve gotten a taste of game design using Ready, you’re Ready to 🚀 in Unity.
How do you get started? Follow the simple step-by-step video instructions led by Mark Suter, a high school computer science teacher, to build your own Space Chicken game using Unity3D - Used by the Pros !
Want to code in C# ? This course will help you get closer to achieving that goal by introducing you to light coding & code modifying using Ready variables and Unity modifying scripts. You’ll be on your ➡️ to becoming one of the Unity Pros 🤘!
Recommended Unity Versions
2017.1 - 2019.1
Intro to Unity by Ready Maker : Make your “Space Chicken” Game
Getting Started
  1. Watch a preview of the “Space Chicken” game you’ll make
  2. Get setup with a copy of Unity3D on your PC or Mac
  3. Download the .zip file “Playground Project (Space Chicken Edition) Starter Assets

Making your main player
  1. Add Chicken - Adding the “Space Chicken” to the scene - Add "Move With Arrows" script - Add capsule collider + rigidbody (no gravity)
  2. Configuring the player’s size and physical properties.
  3. Add frame boxes - Add side rectangles with Box colliders 2D

Put your chicken in outer space
  1. Add Background - Add a moving background to create the illusion of flying through space - BEHAVIOR - Scroll / flow 270, speed 1.2
  2. Create looping animation

Creating obstacles for your chicken to avoid
  1. Learn what Prefab assets are in Unity - Make Asteroid Prefab - Add "Auto Move" Script - Add "Auto Rotate" Script - Tag as "Enemy"
  2. Become a Prefab master

Spawn power-ups to forge a mighty Space Chicken
  1. Add/animate spawner. - Add power-ups the chicken collects to fuel his mighty laser
  2. Add Cloner - Animation Pane - keyframe left, middle, right - Add Mark's "Spawner" script. Set 2 prefabs and delays (Asteroid + Save)
  3. Create multiple objects by spawning in Unity.

Giving your computer a break
  1. Reduce game memory to avoid game lagging - Clean up extra clones : SC_Cleaner script - Add box w/ collider at bottom

Creating Your User Interface
  1. Learn the purpose of a User Interface
  2. User Interface - Game start sequence - Attach ChickenScript to SC - Add EmptyObject "GameManager" - Add GM script - Add UI > Image (WelcomeCard), InstructionsCard, GameOverCard - Add a UI > Text (ScoreText)
  3. Game moments communicate to the player what’s happening by adding “cards” to your game

Detecting collisions with tags
  1. Detect when your chicken collides with “tagged” objects - Collisions using Tags - New Tags (Check ChickenScript for names) Pickup and Enemy
  2. Make your chicken react differently to “tagged” objects

Launching asteroid-destroying laser
  1. Add a “laser object” the chicken can use - Make Laser Prefab with AutoMove script - Add Button Object (UI > button) - Place on UI layer / size it 0.5 & Position it
  2. Adding a “fire button” for the player to tap
  3. Instruct the chicken to fire lasers upwards
  4. Using a “mouse-down” command in to shoot

Adding special effects to your game
  1. Giving an explosion effect to the asteroid, when hit by a laser - Attach "AsteroidScript" to asteroid prefab - Bring in a new "Small Explosion", add "Particle Stopper" script, make it a prefab called "Boom"., link to "AsteroidScript" Boom - Adjust mass to 0.1. AutoMove to 8
  2. Tag laser prefab as "Laser"
  3. Intro to Particle System

Creating the “Boss”
  1. Add the boss, a fox in a spaceship, to the scene (chickens hate foxes)
  2. Give the boss a path to follow as he attacks
  3. Using a “spline controller” in Unity to control the boss - SplineRoot (Empty GameObject with 4 positioned Nodes) - Create a figure 8 path
  4. Give the boss a “life meter” to track his health

Giving your Chicken a Chance to fight back
  1. Assigning the boss
  2. Making the boss appear with a script - Link Boss to SpaceChicken script in Inspector

Damaging the boss
  1. Program the fox to take “damage” from the player - Add Healthbar - On Laser Collision:LittleBoom Effect and -hp - Assign LittleBoom (laser collision) and BigBoom (Fox health <= 0)

The boss fights back
  1. Make BossBomb prefab that moves and Tag BossBomb "Enemy" - Add the boss’ bombs to the scene - Link boss bomb to BossScript - Create ChickenBoom, Link to ChickenScript - Link HealthBarBackground to GameManagerScript

You Win! - Creating a Win Moment
  1. Add a “You Win” card to your scene
  2. Program the card to appear when the boss’ life count gets to 0 - Time Scale to 0 via script
  3. Celebrate the win with a fireworks effect

Making it go BOOM!
  1. Add sounds at the end, when everything is working
  2. Match sounds to events, like launching lasers
  3. Add a background music sound
  4. Sounds to add: Boss - bossHit,bossDestroyed Button - Shoot Chicken - playerHit, pickup Asteroid - boomAsteroidSound GameManager - bgMusic

Play your game!

Show it Off! : Want to share your game with your friends and family?

Extra Credit: Exporting your Space Chicken game as a desktop app & android app
In our first Ready for Unity course we showed you how to create a desktop app and an Android app of your Space Chicken game. Follow the same step-by-step instructions from our previous video tutorial to export your Unity Space Chicken project.

  1. Export as an Android app
  2. Upload the app to Google Drive
  3. SHARE IT ! - Send the link to your friends, and let them install it on their phones.