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Lesson 2.2 - Food Flight

1 Hour10 Mins
For Educators
In this lesson, you will allow the player to launch the projectile through the scene. First you will write a new script to send the projectile forwards. Next you will store the projectile along with all of its scripts and properties using an important new concept in Unity called Prefabs. The player will be able to launch the projectile prefab with a tap of the spacebar. Finally, you will add boundaries to the scene, removing any objects that leave the screen.
Project Outcome:
The player will be able to press the Spacebar and launch a projectile prefab into the scene, which destroys itself when it leaves the game’s boundaries. The animals will also be removed from the scene when they leave the game boundaries.
Recommended Unity versions
2018.4 and Above
Topics we'll cover
Lesson 2.2 - Food Flight