Lesson 2.4 - Collision Decisions
50 Mins
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Our game is coming along nicely, but there are are some critical things we must add before it’s finished. First off, instead of pressing S to spawn the animals, we will spawn them on a timer so that they appear every few seconds. Next we will add colliders to all of our prefabs and make it so launching a projectile into an animal will destroy it. Finally, we will display a “Game Over” message if any animals make it past the player.
Project Outcome:
The animals will spawn on a timed interval and walk down the screen, triggering a “Game Over” message if they make it past the player. If the player hits them with a projectile to feed them, they will be destroyed.
Recommended Unity versions
2018.4 and Above
Topics we'll cover
Lesson 2.4 - Collision Decisions