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Lesson 3.2 - Make the World Whiz By

1 Hour10 Mins
For Educators
We’ve got the core mechanics of this game figured out: The player can tap the spacebar to jump over incoming obstacles. However, the player appears to be running for the first few seconds, but then the background just disappears! In order to fix this, we need to repeat the background seamlessly to make it look like the world is rushing by! We also need the game to halt when the player collides with an obstacle, stopping the background from repeating and stopping the obstacles from spawning. Lastly, we must destroy any obstacles that get past the player.
Project Outcome:
The background moves flawlessly at the same time as the obstacles, and the obstacles will despawn when they exit game boundaries. With the power of script communication, the background and spawn manager will halt when the player collides with an obstacle. Colliding with an obstacle will also trigger a game over message in the console log, halting the background and the spawn manager.
Recommended Unity versions
2018.4 and Above
Lesson 3.2 - Make the World Whiz By