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Lesson 4.1 - Watch Where You’re Going

1 Hour
For Educators
Tutorial Materials
First things first, we will create a new prototype and download the starter files! You’ll notice a beautiful island, sky, and particle effect... all of which can be customized! Next you will allow the player to rotate the camera around the island in a perfect radius, providing a glorious view of the scene. The player will be represented by a sphere, wrapped in a detailed texture of your choice. Finally you will add force to the player, allowing them to move forwards or backwards in the direction of the camera.
Project Outcome:
The camera will evenly rotate around a focal point in the center of the island, provided a horizontal input from the player. The player will control a textured sphere, and move them forwards or backwards in the direction of the aforementioned focal point.
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Lesson 4.1 - Watch Where You’re Going