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Lesson 4.4 - For-Loops For Waves

50 Mins
For Educators
We have all the makings of a great game; A player that rolls around and rotates the camera, a powerup that grants super strength, and an enemy that chases the player until the bitter end. In this lesson we will wrap things up by putting these pieces together!
First we will enhance the enemy spawn manager, allowing it to spawn multiple enemies and increase their number every time a wave is defeated. Lastly we will spawn the powerup with every wave, giving the player a chance to fight back against the ever-increasing horde of enemies.
Project Outcome:
The Spawn Manager will operate in waves, spawning multiple enemies and a new powerup with each iteration. Every time the enemies drop to zero, a new wave is spawned and the enemy count increases.
Recommended Unity versions
2018.4 and Above
Topics we'll cover
Lesson 4.4 - For-Loops For Waves