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Lesson 5.1 - Clicky Mouse

1 Hour
For Educators
Tutorial Materials
It’s time for the final unit! We will start off by creating a new project and importing the starter files, then switching the game’s view to 2D. Next we will make a list of target objects for the player to click on: Three “good” objects and one “bad”. The targets will launch spinning into the air after spawning at a random position at the bottom of the map. Lastly, we will allow the player to destroy them with a click!
Project Outcome:
A list of three good target objects and one bad target object will spawn in a random position at the bottom of the screen, thrusting themselves into the air with random force and torque. These targets will be destroyed when the player clicks on them or they fall out of bounds.
Recommended Unity versions
Lesson 5.1 - Clicky Mouse