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Painting Skin Weights - Part 1

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35 Mins
With the smooth skins bound to our character, we can continue the process of painting skin weights. First, we need to look for problematic artifacts leftover from our automatic bind. Positioning our character in various poses will help us identify these areas better by displaying where we're losing volume or getting unusual deformations. There are also some potentially troublesome areas, such as the belt and the armor strap that we'll tackle using the component editor. After that, we'll work our way up to the character's head, where we can address the various stretching issues in the beard and the mouth caused by the closely neighboring geometry. Once that's done, we'll look at the character's hair and distribute those weights to get the desired affect from rotating our hair joint. Finally, we'll mirror our work on the symmetrical elements of our character to save time and keep things looking consistent.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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Painting Skin Weights - Part 1