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Recorded Live Session - Beginning Audio in Unity

+10 XP
1 Hour
Watch the recording of this live session where a Unity Certified Instructor teaches participants how to configure both 2D and 3D audio, create Reverb Zones to enhance the environmental audio effects, trigger audio from a custom C# script, and master the scene’s audio using the Audio Mixer. Throughout the session, you will learn how to:
  • Define the role of an Audio Source, an Audio Clip, and an Audio Listener in a scene.
  • Define rolloff, localized audio, filters, reverb zones, and mixing
  • Implement audio that appears to come from a particular point in 3D space (e.g. localized sound effects) and audio that appears to come from no place in particular (e.g. background music)
  • Configure the 'rolloff' of an Audio Source in order to control how its volume changes with distance (e.g. logarithmic, linear, or custom)
  • Apply Audio Effects/Filters in order to achieve a specific desired result such as reverb, choral effects, or frequency filters.
  • Add a Reverb zone in order to apply an effect depending on where the user is relative to an audio source, for example if they were entering a cavern.
  • Use the Audio Mixer in order to mix various audio sources, apply effects to them, and perform mastering.
  • Programmatically play, pause, and stop sounds from a script in order to control audio effects based on certain events.
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Last updated: September 15, 2020
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Recorded Live Session - Beginning Audio in Unity