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Streaming Lab

Lab: Interactive UI Menus

30 Mins
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In Label Objects with Text and Images, we covered how to make and use UI as a non-interactive information tool. In this Module, you will learn how to make an interactable UI, with buttons, sliders, and toggles.
By the end of the module, you will be able to:
  • Make a fully interactive UI
  • Add interactive components (Buttons, Toggles, Sliders) to control different GameObjects (such as lights or environment), Object Rotation, and Materials, and more.
In the Streaming Lab, you will link your UI prototype to different objects in the scene. In the Challenge project, you will control the appearance of models in your scene using several buttons and interactive components.
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Last updated: October 14, 2019
Topics we'll cover
Lab: Interactive UI Menus
Streaming Lab
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The Streaming Lab takes 2-5 minutes to load. Launch the Lab to load it in a new tab, and return to continue this tutorial. When you get to the Streaming Lab step, your Lab should be ready. Note that you have 15 minutes to return to your Lab before you have to reload it.
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Lab: Interactive UI Menus