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Set Driven Keys and Finalize Scene - Part 1

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After the long journey of creating this character rig, we are finally ready for the last few steps before sending this character off to be animated. Mainly we'll be focusing on set driven keys. To start, we'll need to create custom attributes for our controllers and link them to keyed transformations. This will make animating less linear movements much simpler. We'll start with a simple example of crossing the character's eyes. Then we'll move on to some more complex features, like eye blinking and finger gripping. After that, we should have enough know-how to create our inverse foot roll. While we make our driven key animations, we'll take that opportunity to use the poses for some detailed skin weight touchups in the eyelids and hands. Once we're all done with those steps, our rig will essentially be complete.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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Set Driven Keys and Finalize Scene - Part 1