Setting Up the Project
40 Mins
Your progress
You will learn how to add a background and a player that can move and rotate. You will also learn how to add particles to your GameObjects so that they look animated.
Tutorial Outcome
By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to
  • Add GameObjects to the Hierarchy
  • Add Components to the Inspector
  • Transform GameObjects
  • Make changes to GameObjects
Key concepts:
  • Rigidbody 2D
  • Play mode
  • Push script
  • Rotate script
  • Particles
  • Parenting GameObjects
Challenge Ideas:
  • Change the spaceship from SpaceshipRed to SpaceshipBlue
  • Add other Particles to the spaceship, by going to Project > Prefabs > Particles > select a particle
Recommended Unity versions
2017.4 and Above
Setting Up the Project