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SFX: Weapons and Enemies

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50 Mins
In this tutorial, we're going to add some meat to the bones of our sound design and just create some nice, hard effects to start accenting some of the in-game actions with matching sound effects. There is an asset list that we've created for the purposes of this module. It's pretty bare bones, and we would encourage you to go ahead and add to it and create some more sounds using the skills that you've learned in this module. We're not going to be going through the in-DAW design of all of these assets, but we are going to cover a few of them just to give you a nice, clear idea of how you can create sound effects for video games in the digital audio workstation of your choice. We will then be taking these assets that we create, as well as the others that I've already created in advance, and we will be looking at how to implement them in Wwise and in Unity.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019
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SFX: Weapons and Enemies