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Unit 5 - Hand Presence and Interaction

+10 XP
2 Hours30 Mins
In Unit 5, Matt Franklin from Oculus will share best practices for hand presence and interaction in VR. You’ll learn how to interact with your hands in a VR environment, how to add Oculus-standard hands in your game, and how to change standard hands to custom hands.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review best practices for rendering and animating user hands in VR
  • Understand how to attach objects to hands
  • Utilize basic physical interactions in a VR experience
  • Recognize common hand-object interaction challenges
  • Implement two-hand interaction in a VR experience
Remember to follow along and build your own vertical slice! You can access additional support and submit your vertical slice to the Oculus Developer Support team for feedback: https://developer.oculus.com/unity-learn-vr/
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Last updated: January 21, 2022
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Unit 5 - Hand Presence and Interaction