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Unit 6 - Best UI Practices for VR

+10 XP
2 Hours30 Mins
In Unit 6, Gabor Szauer of Oculus will teach best practices for developing intuitive user interaction in VR. You’ll learn how to make the transition from 2D to VR. You’ll review well-established VR interaction paradigms like laser pointers and physical types of UI. You’ll also explore the importance of comfort and designing an interface with the user in mind. Finally, you’ll build physical interface interactions into the escape room vertical slice.
Learning Objectives:
  • Create VR UI interaction using a world space raycaster
  • Implement world space canvas UI using the raycaster
  • Implement physical interaction with UI
Remember to follow along and build your own vertical slice! You can access additional support and submit your vertical slice to the Oculus Developer Support team for feedback: https://developer.oculus.com/unity-learn-vr/
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Last updated: January 21, 2022
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Unit 6 - Best UI Practices for VR