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Week 5 | Session 5 - Basic Gameplay - April 24, 2020

1 Hour
Tutorial Materials
In this live lab session, you will work with all of your non-player objects in order to bring your project to life with its basic gameplay. You will give your projectiles, pickups, or enemies their basic movement and collision detection, make them into prefabs, and have them spawned randomly by a spawn manager. By the end of this lab, you should have a glimpse into the core functionality of your game.
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Last updated: April 29, 2020
Week 5 | Session 5 - Basic Gameplay - April 24, 2020
Guerra de Tanques.
Objective of the final game: Have success on the audition for first ballerina before music ends, avoid envious competitors, don't get out of the stage and reach the floor marks and, alas, the minimum score required. Powerups makes you faster and immune for a short period of time. THIS WEEK: -Powerup makes you destroy the other Ballerinas for a while. -Green Killer Ballerinas follow you. Already done: -Player controller (public speed). Trail particles and focus light follows the player. -Ballerinas spinning around, spin doesn't affect movement. -Ballerinas (enemies too) are destroyed when out of the stage. -Enemy ballerinas spawn vertical and horizontal and a random speeds, numbers and locations. -Collision with enemies destroy player (with "aaargh" sound) and console: game over -Getting marks and powerups, destroy them and they spawn again only if you have taken the previous ones. -Added sounds to powerups and music at the background (Swan lake remix XD). -Regulate more precisely speed and delays to make it challenging. Still to do: -Marks give you score points. -Game over when music reaches reaches the end. -Score system: score obtained/score required. -Particles of blood when dying. -Play/Retry screen , goals and controls screen. -Ending screen: "Audition success!" or "Audition failed!". Optionals: -Things get gradually more difficult during the audition? (more enemies spawn and a little bit faster) -Top 5 score screen?. -"Amazing audition!" screen if you obtain +25% of the required score.
Week 5 | Session 5 - Basic Gameplay - April 24, 2020