What Is Level Design?
25 Mins
In this tutorial, we'll focus on laying the ground work by answering important questions about level design such as, what do level designers do on a project? What is the process of developing levels on a professional game team? How does level design fit into the larger game development picture? And what are the other important roles on the team? And finally, what are the overlaps between level design and the other roles, including tips for working successfully with artists, programmers, and other designers? With these questions answered, you'll be well on your way to understanding how to be a level designer on a game team.
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What Is Level Design?
Overview of the Skills and Responsibilities of a Level Designer
Understanding the process and collaborative nature of game development is more important than any particular skill or tool. Tools change, and every company has different expectations of their level designers, but all game companies need people who understand how to make games as part of a team.A few important groups that you will work with often as a level designer are, game designers, writers, artists, and other level designers.

Defining the Process of Professional Level Design
Now that you have a better understanding of what level designers do, let's take a look at the process they use to develop their levels

Explanation of the Roles and Structure of a Game-dev Team
Now that we've covered the skills and process of level design, we're going to look at the structure of a game team. Knowing the makeup of the larger team will give you a better understanding of a level design's role on the project.

Tips and Strategies for Working Well with Other Disciplines
We've looked at all of the major roles on a game team, and talked a little about how to interact with various other disciplines, but now we're going to take a closer look at tips for building a strong relationship with several key groups you will work with as a level designer.