Beginner Scripting
7 Hours
Dive into scripting, in this course we will cover the fundamentals of C#.
Develop Core Unity Skills
Completing this course puts you on the first stage of a path to becoming a Unity Junior Developer or Junior Programmer/Analyst. It also starts you on the path to a Unity Certified Associate certification. By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Declare variables to create logic
  • Understand and use proper naming conventions and syntax for clean code
  • Identify data types to determine which to use in projects
  • Identify and use classes to store and organize information
  • Create logic using If-Then statements to create desired functionality
  • Identify and implement functions and methods to create functionality
  • Identify and apply loops to repeat actions
  • Identify and create Arrays to collect variables.
  • Implement properties
  • Identify when to use Switch Statements to convert if-then logic
  • Identify scenarios for working with enumerations to access data