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Create with Code - Teacher Training
55 Mins
In this short teacher training unit, you will learn everything you need to know in order to bring the Create with Code curriculum into your classroom. You will follow along with a worksheet that will help make sure you have thought through all the details and are ready to go when the students walk into the classroom on Day 1. First, you will be oriented to the course, then you will be guided through customizing the course to fit the needs of your classroom, and review a final checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. In the Create with Code course itself, students will use Unity to learn the fundamentals of programming in the context of creating their own projects. During the course, they will create several prototypes along with the instructor, manage a larger personal project more independently, and complete challenges and quizzes along the way to solidify and expand their new knowledge. The skills that they learn will align with the learning objectives from the Unity Certified User exam, providing them with a foundational understanding of Unity and C# programming. In addition to these core technical competencies, students will learn how to manage a project from start to finish: coming up with a concept, creating a project plan, prioritizing tasks, and hitting milestones. By the end of the course, students will have the confidence that, given enough time and resources, they can create anything they want with Unity and C#.
Unity for Educators: A Beginner's Guide
14 Hours
Unity for Educators is an entryway to the Unity technology platform and the Unity educator community. This free course is created by teachers for teachers. It's inspired by the experiences of passionate and innovative Unity educators around the globe. This course is for any teacher, in any educational setting, who wants to equip their students with the skills and experience that will enable them to be the creators of tomorrow and prepare them for high-demand technology careers. The Unity for Educators course provides training, support, community, and resources for all educators so that they may successfully teach Unity, the industry-leading tool for interactive design and development that spans across disciplines, like game development, AR, VR, media & entertainment, architecture, engineering, construction, design, training simulations, and more. In this course, educators will: Gain familiarity and confidence with Unity technology, by creating their own projects Navigate the Unity ecosystem so that they may find content and resources to include in their teaching practice Learn best practices and approaches for teaching Unity Access guidance for developing plans for teaching Unity in their courses, classrooms and/or programs Practice taking on challenges with a growth mindset, preparing them to enjoy the process of learning alongside their students Details This course opens on July 13, 2020 and runs for four weeks. Learners will be able to join any time after the course opens. The course is a blend of self-paced and live virtual instruction. Each week will consist of: Three hours of self-paced learning An optional one-hour live session to connect with fellow learners, hear from experts, and get support from the Unity education team. This course closes on September 4th, 2020, giving learners extra time to revisit the content, create, share, and get feedback on their personal Unity projects and learning plans. Register for the Live Sessions Join us in addressing the challenge of preparing students for the future! Register for the live webinar sessions now! Register here for the live sessions - starts July 14, 2020 You will receive instructions by email for how to join the webinar sessions. For more information about the course refer to the FAQ document in Course Materials.